Paul Sanders, PGA

Passion, Patience, Professionalism, Persistence

Paul Sanders is a Rochester native who brings 25+ years of golf industry experience to his students.  Paul has worked as an Apprentice, Head Professional, Competitive Player, Director of Instruction, Lead Instructor for ESPN Golf Schools, and Master Club Fitter.  Years of education and work experience in all these facets of the golf business have allowed Paul to offer the widest range of services available throughout the region!

"I have always had a passion for mentoring / teaching students how to play or improve at the game.  There is no one way to accomplish improvement in a students game unless you have a wide knowledge base in many areas.  Our lessons or fittings begin with listening to a player's goals/objectives and watching them in swing mode.  Setting goals and diagnosing are two vital requirements each instructor needs to start teaching.  Once a player has shared their goals and diagnosis of their over-all game has been completed,  the focus switches to education.  As a teacher, you will ever only be successful if the student you are helping has bought into your same beliefs and the direction you are taking to help them makes sense!  This requires experience in cause and effect and excellent communication!  While working with each student today, I monitor and focus on one or more Player Performance Factors and more importantly, make sure the student understands why we need to focus on that area and what they should expect as a result.  It makes no difference how much an instructor knows, how well they are able to communicate the message is the real key.  What they take away, understand and commit to implement through practice is the value you provide to a player's growth!"

Performance Factors:

Custom Club Fitting,  Equipment Repair & Services,  Private / Group Instruction Technique,  Supervised Practice / Simulator Play,  Strength & Conditioning,  Competition,  Personal Goals